Split and Seasoned Quaking Aspen (1 year minimum)

$180.00/Cord if picked up. See price list to right or below on mobile.

$200.00/Cord if delivered (Full Cord)

Birch: $450.00/Cord

$50.00 delivery charge to Hythe area.

$100.00 delivery charge to Grande Prairie.

Can deliver up to 2 cords per load.

Purchasing the wood a week or two in advance would be advisable to insure it is perfectly dried before use.  It should be stacked in a well ventilated area to dry surface moisture to enjoy maximum BTU value and ease of use.  That would also prevent creosote buildup in your chimney. 


  • Aspen (White Poplar) has a heating value of about 15,000,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) per Cord.
  • I feel it is a very efficient wood and possibly burns cleaner (less creosote buildup) than Pine or Spruce.
  • The best firewood in this area would be Birch with a heating value of about 23,000,000 BTU
Stack of seasoned firewood Hythe Demmitt

This is the wood pile I sold and hope to replace this winter.

Firewood Delivery Hythe Beaverlodge Wembley

 This image shows the trailer I use to deliver. It's capacity is 2 cords when filled to this level.

2 cord stack firewood Hythe Beaverlodge Alberta

 Photo of what approximately two cords of wood cut to 13 inch length looks like.  I can deliver up to this much in one load.  This is my personal wood supply for this winter.

(I dont heat exclusively with wood)